T26 Grand Sport two seater

Talbot Lago - T26 Grand Sport two seater (1950)

Chassis #110153 was sold new in 1950 to the Geurret company which was the then Talbot dealer in Brussels.   The car was built by Talbot to Grand Sport specification.  Grand Sport cars had identical chassis to the 4.5L grand prix cars except they were longer wheelbase 2.65m instead of 2.50m.  It is one of only 26 GS chassis constructed by Talbot during production 1947-1953. Owned by Frenchman Jacques Pichon from 1960 to 1986 who fitted the car with a glassfibre body after a road accident.  Passing to in 1986 to Frankie du Montant who further restorated the car and fitted a reproduction of the Le Mans 2 seater body.  Comprehensive mechanical reconditioning was undertaken 2001-2002 and a complete engine plus gearbox overhaul in 2012 with little use since.

The car comes with HTP papers although they are in need of renewal and is featured in the renowned Talbot Book by P. Abeillon.

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