SR Le Mans

Healey - SR Le Mans (1968)

As Geoff Healey wrote in Austin Healey: The Story of the Big Healeys, SR was a very special car, built specifically for LeMans.
Having had excelent results at LeMans since the late, 1940's in the pre Austin, Healeys and through the the 50's and early 60's in Austin Healeys, big and small, it seemed that without any production cars, the late 60's may see the end of Healey entrys.
The competition Sprites were doing admirably but by 1967 desires for a higher place in the field saw plans develop for a Healey to build a car to run in the Sports Prototype Class.
SR was built in house and under a fair degree of secrecy, the SR name being from Sub Rosa (in secrecy) but early 1968 Donald Healey let the motoring press in on their project which was widely reported in Febuarys magazines and news papers.
SR was officially launched at the Austin Healey Club Silverstone race meeting in August 1968 where John Harris ran some fast laps as well as providing an opportunity for Press Photographs.
Andrew Hedges and Clive Baker were SR s drivers for the 1968 LeMans with race number 47.
This very signifiant and special car comes with the photo file of the restoration, works drawings, original photographs supplied from Geoff Healey of during construction and testing, plus correspondance and information from people who worked on and drove SR.

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